Monday, July 25, 2011

Books for Language Development: LLama Llama Holiday Drama

Looking for books for language development? Have I got a treat for you! One of my favorite new discoveries in the speechy blog-o-sphere is the amazing resource over on All4MyChild's site entitled Books4all. It contains books that are excellent for language development, along with specific ideas and tips for using each book to help with speech and language. Cool beans.

Today, Books4all is featuring a review I wrote on one of my daughter's current favorite books: Llama Llama Holiday Drama (yes, I do know we are nowhere near the holiday season. Someone tell that to my daughter). Head on over to Books4All and find out why I think Llama Llama is great for working on /l/ sounds (well, that one's obvious, I guess), vocabulary, pre-literacy skills, inferences, and narrative skills.And while you are there, check out the awesome selection of other books that are perfect for speech and language as well. Happy reading (and talking!)

 Looking for more books for language learning?

Looking for Llama Llama books? Here are a few of my favorites....

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