Friday, August 19, 2011

Bilingual Children, Asperger's Syndrome, The Power of Stories, Boogers, Books, and Babies: It's the Fabulous Friday Round Up

 A few posts I think are great...

The Huffington Post reports on a study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. The study suggests that children who are raised in bilingual homes may have better cognitive skills, at least in some select areas of cognition-and that this shows up as early as two years of age. The authors of the article theorize that growing up with two languages requires children to develop flexible attention skills so that they can shift rapidly back and forth between two languages. This leads to better development of "executive functioning" skills-- the higher level thinking skills we all use to manage our attention, prioritize, hypothesize, and plan.

PsychCentral shares this thought-provoking post on The Power of Stories in Personality Psychology. As SpeechTechie wisely pointed out on Twitter earlier this week, this post is a great reminder of why it is so important to help our children develop good narrative skills. (Looking for ideas on how to do this? Check out this post on using photo books for narrative development).

In a turn toward the highly practical, ArticBrain posts on the use of boogers and dog food for helping your child improve his articulation and language skills.  Once I got past my initial repulsion, I greatly enjoyed the creativity of the idea.  (And yes, ArticBrain is written by a guy.)

In her post on The Surprising Things Babies Might Do (If Given The Chance), Janet Lansbury at Elevating Childcare reminds us that babies and toddlers often hold much more potential to be independent then we might think--if we only give them the chance to show us what they've got.

The Sixty Second Parent has some awesome suggestions for their top ten books that 2-year-olds will love (you'll find many of the same ones on my list of Repetitive Books for Language Learning!).

Finally,  Be Real PDD/NOS directs us over to this video where Arthur ( from the PBS show) explains Asperger's Syndrome. I think I like it.... what are your thoughts?

Happy Friday!

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