Friday, October 21, 2011

Give-away! Awesome Apps: Speech With Milo

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I am always on the look-out for fun activities, games and toys to help facilitate language in kids, and am always super excited when I find them. As I mentioned in a comment recently, I'm pretty sure I actually drooled the other day at a store when I happened upon wind-up toys that were priced 10 for $10.00. A speech-therapist's dream! (Yes, we are an odd breed at times). 

One fun new discovery I've made recently is  the Speech With Milo Apps Series developed by fellow speech-therapist Poorani Doonan. I love her apps, because they are designed to be used interactively with children to promote language growth. They are simple, yet well thought-out, fun, and motivating. The best part is that they can be used in a variety of ways with a variety of children, both typically developing and those with language delays or other diagnosis.

Speech With Milo: Verbs, for example, can be used a number of different ages or levels of language development.

  • If your child is just starting to use verbs, you can use Speech With Milo: Verbs to label the verb as you and your child watch Milo ("glue!"). 
  • Around two years old, children starting using the verb tense "-ing" to describe what is happening; at that point, you can emphasize this part of the verb while talking with your child about Milo ("Gluing! Milo is gluing"). 
  • Around 3 and 4 years old, children start using different types of verb tenses. At this point in language development, you can talk about what Milo is going to do ("He's going to glue!"), what Milo is doing as it is actually happening (He's gluing!") and what Milo did, after it is done (He glued!). Children with language delays often struggle with these subtle differences in verb tenses;  this app is a simple and yet motivating way to work on these aspects of grammar repeatedly. 

Speech With Milo: Sequencing can also be used a variety of ways.

  • Toddlers will enjoy sitting with you and simply narrating what Milo is doing in each picture ("Mixing!") and then watching as you turn it into an animated story.
  • As children grow into preschoolers, you can use Speech With Milo: Sequencing with them to work on their sequencing skills by putting the pictures in order. This helps them begin to develop an internal narrative structure, which will eventually help them to organize and understand stories during their academic years.  
  • This app is also a fantastic way to work on time sequence words such as "first," "then" and "finally," which can be particularly hard concepts for children with language delays and autism.
Then, there's Speech With Milo: An Interactive Storybook, which, from my perspective, is the most versatile app of them all.  As Poorani explains in her demo, this app can be used to address a wide variety of skills: storytelling, describing, making predictions, improving utterance length, and improving grammatical skills. One of the coolest parts of this app is that you can have your child record his own voice to tell the story...a great chance to get him talking!

Poorani has also created Speech With Milo: Prepositions, Speech With Milo:Verbs (in Spanish), and Speech With Milo: Prepositions (in Spanish). All awesome and all found at her Speech With Milo App Store

And (here's the best part!) she's letting me give away two of her apps here on Child Talk! Yay!! :) I'll be giving away one Speech With Milo: Interactive Storybook App and one Speech With Milo: Sequencing App, each to one lucky reader. To enter the give-away, do one of the following by October 28th:

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Make sure you leave me a comment here on Child Talk to know which of these you've done if you want to enter the give-away.  I'll use the comments to pick two winners via and announce the winners in a post on October 28th. Also, make sure you either leave your e-mail address in your comment or check back on October 28th to find out if you've won!   Good luck!

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