Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I love this app! Funny Hat Photo Studio for Speech and Language

App: Funny Hat Photo Studio

Targets: Final "t" sound, two-word phrases, early developing concepts

I found a new app I love! It's only $0.99, it's easy to use, and it's fantastic for targeting final 't' and simple language. Why this app?
  • The concept is super simple: you take a picture of a kiddo, bring that picture into the app, and then put a variety of silly hats on!
  • Kids love selecting the hats and then laughing at pictures of themselves in a variety of hats.
  • There are a bunch of hats to choose from and you can make the hats bigger, rotate them, make them smaller, stack them, or make them disappear.
  • This makes it super easy to work with kids who have difficulty producing final "t," ('t' at the end of words) because you can use the word "hat" over and over as you get new hats and play with them on the picture. This makes the focused auditory input (surrounding a child with a target sound) easy, meaningful, and productive. 
  • You can work on other final 't' words, too - pick white hats, or take a picture of a cat and have fun putting the hats on the cat! (Not that I did this. And I certainly didn't do this at home alone, just for the sake of amusing myself).
  • Because you need to navigate to a new screen each time you want to get a new hat, you can easily set the app up to be a communication temptation, requiring the child to actually say "hat" prior to getting a new one. This lets you get lots of production practice with this one app.
  • "Hat" is a great target word because it is one syllable and contains a developmentally easy consonant in the initial position of the word (i.e., it's easy to say!)
  • From a language perspective, it is a great app for using expansion and extension or choices to target simple two-word phrases and early developing concepts such as: 
Size + Object (big hat, little hat)
Object + Location (hat on, hat off)
Recurrence + object (more hat)
Color + object (blue hat, red hat) 
  • It's fun!

Note: I didn't receive a free copy of this app, nor was I paid for the post. In fact, I don't even know who makes this app! I just like it a whole bunch.