Strategies and Activities

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The Power of Responding to Your Baby
Fabulous First Words: How to Pick First Words
 Moo Baa La: Animal Sounds and Speech 
 Three Magic Words: Ready Set Go

All Kinds Of Talk   
Self Talk and Parallel Talk
Expansion & Extension 

 Telegraphic Speech with Toddlers
Using Recasts with Toddlers & Preschoolers
Gestures Use & Language  

Communication Temptations
Sing, Dance, and Be Merry: Simple Songs
Using Action Imitation to Get Language

Using Books to Increase Language Skills
Using Choices to Increase Language Skills

 Baby Signs: Why?
Selecting Baby Signs

Baby Signs: How

What are Carrier Phrases?
Top 10 Carrier Phrases and How to Use Them

 The ABCs of ABA in the SLP world

Pictures for Beginning Language: Part One 
Pictures for Language: Part Two
Pictures and Language: FAQs

Late Talkers: Top 10 Tips  
How To Help With Speech Sounds 
 Photo Books For Language
A Tech Spin on Photo Books

Vocabulary Tips

Songs For Receptive Language and Behavior
Wordless Picture Books and Funny Pictures 
Social Emotional Awareness 

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